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Construction worker seriously injured in pedestrian accident

For all the benefits and conveniences that they provide, motor vehicles are inherently dangerous machines that need to be operated with great care. This is especially true when a vehicle is being operated in the vicinity of pedestrians. From crosswalks to construction sites, pedestrian accidents can have serious, if not fatal consequences. The following blog is an example of what can happen when pedestrians are involved.

St. Louis Arc board member killed in fatal hit-and-run accident

Pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles can have tragic consequences. In fact, thousands of people are affected by pedestrian accidents every year in the United States. Some Illinois readers may find the following blog about a recent motor vehicle related pedestrian accident interesting.

Pedestrians pay the price for distracted drivers

A growing number of American commuters are choosing to ditch their cars and trucks in favor of healthier and less costly alternatives like walking and biking. Unfortunately, whenever cars and people mix there is always the risk of fatal pedestrian accidents. In fact, Illinois readers may find it interesting to learn that the number of bicyclists and pedestrians killed in fatal car accidents due to distracted drivers is rising.

Multi-vehicle crash leaves one pedestrian in hospital

While everyone has different transportation choices, we are all pedestrians sometimes. Sadly, according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association, pedestrians were one of the few groups of individuals who share the roadways in the United States to see an increase in deaths with nearly 4,500 fatal accidents nationwide in 2011 alone. Illinois readers may find the following on a local pedestrian accident interesting.

Police seek driver in St. Louis pedestrian accident

There are more than 4,000 pedestrians killed and nearly 70,000 pedestrians injured in auto accidents each year in the U.S. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pedestrian accidents are one of the few categories to see an increase in fatalities, with 4,432 deaths in 2011 compared to 4,280 in 2010. Edwardsville readers may already be familiar with a recent hit and run pedestrian accident in St. Louis.

Motorist flees after severely injuring teenage pedestrian

Illinois state traffic laws require motorists involved in car accidents to follow certain rules of the road. For example, a driver of a motor vehicle involved in a traffic accident of any kind that results in the death or personal injury of another person is required to stop their vehicle at the scene of the accident. Motorists must remain at the scene until the necessary information is exchanged or the appropriate aid is rendered.

Settlement reached in five-year-old pedestrian accident case

Ever since automobiles first hit the American highways and byways there have been pedestrian accidents. While not every pedestrian accident is fatal, most are very serious. To offset some of these hazards, states enact rules governing how pedestrians and motorists should interact with one another. One important rule is that a motorist that is involved in an accident resulting in injury or death cannot leave the scene of the crash.

Illinois politicians introduce bill to reduce pedestrian accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that over 4,000 pedestrians were killed and 70,000 injured in traffic accidents in 2010. Studies also show that higher speeds are strongly associated with the likelihood and seriousness of pedestrian accidents. In fact, only 5 percent of pedestrian accidents involving vehicles traveling 20 mph or less are fatal accidents, while 40 percent of pedestrians knocked down by vehicles traveling 30 mph die.

Pedestrians vulnerable to serious injuries in accident

People often take for granted how vulnerable they are as pedestrians. A single mistake, or bad decision, by a motor vehicle driver can result in catastrophic, even fatal, injuries. However, there is a silver lining to these difficult situations - people injured in a pedestrian accident caused by driver negligence may be entitled to damages to help with recovery.

City of Chicago settles lawsuit for accident caused by employee

The victim of a serious pedestrian accident will receive more than $6 million from the city of Chicago. The man was injured when a city employee crashed his pickup truck into a crowd people. The accident took place along a Gold Coast sidewalk in 2011. According to police, there was a bottle of brandy found under the gas pedal in the truck. The driver's blood alcohol content was reported to be twice the legal limit during this tragic pedestrian accident.

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